Kamis, 02 Februari 2017

Daily Surya degree in Giant Lunar Vaganza Maspion Square A Yani

imlek Vaganza 2017 again present to welcome the people of Surabaya.

This time, betempat in promo Giant Maspion Square A Yani, Surabaya.

Surya daily competitions held in celebration of this year Fire Rooster, Friday (27/01/2017).

The competition lasts up until January 29, 2017, the first day visitors are treated to sights of three Lion Dance Giant fascinating look.

This action was welcomed cries of the mothers were enthusiastic to see it. Even sometimes they ask ampau the lion dance team gave to the children who watch the show.

Narni, for example, he was very enthusiastic when he saw the lion dance performances are so lively.

Came with her three children, she took a front row seat. Hopefully, when the lion dance team mebagikan ampau, he was eager to get a share.

"It turns out ampaunya just for kids, I'm was not to be. But that's okay, the important thing was I had a group photo barongsainya," he said.

On that occasion, Aldo who watched the show Barongsai also get ampau containing cash of Rp 10 thousand.

The fifth grade boy was admitted glad to get angpau.

"That was the same given time mothers see lion, later would be used for snacks," she said shyly.

Vice General Manager Business Daily Surya M Taufiq Zuhdi said, imlek Vaganza 2017 is the second time the event.

This activity is to appreciate the loyal readers of the Daily Sun that the majority of people Thionghoa.

"One sekmen Surya newspaper readers are citizens Thionghoa, so we want to share happiness and being together with the wider community and not just citizens Thionghoa," he said.

The race was held three days covering, mandarin song singing contest, coloring and assembling papercraf for mother and child, lanterns decorating competitions creation for women and children, cooking dish battle Lunar and creative design competitions.

"In addition to the race, there are several performances from the community every day. As wushu, lion dance, cooking demonstrations, cooking classes, and jazz mandarin. For the race, participants can directly come to the site and register on the spot," said Taufiq.

Super Discounts Superindo in Grand Dadap City Mall

In order to enliven Superindo Grand Opening, Grand Dadap City Mall undertake massive promo Superindo for 3 days, which starts from October 31 to November 2, 2014. One of them is the program 3 Day Super Sale that offers super cheap prices for some staples, such as cooking oil, sugar, and rice.

The presence of the first mall in the region Dadap greeted by the local community who have been looking forward to a place of entertainment in their region. The first day of the Grand Opening Superindo @Grand Dadap City Mall, visited by nearly 10 thousand people who enthusiastically enjoy DJ performances, live music, and a photo booth session that became part of the show.

Most of the visitors are residents of the area Dadap mostly come to buy their basic needs. Because, in addition to offering a fantastic price of basic commodities, Superindo also offers other promos shaped Shopping Voucher 100 thousand. By purchasing a shopping voucher 100 thousand, with a bonus voucher of 10 thousand, which multipilication.

The shopping vouchers can also be used to buy a variety of exclusive products tenants in Grand Dadap City Mall such as Amazon, Corner Clothing, Breadtalk, JCO, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and much more. In addition, shopping vouchers can also be used to purchase products at Super Discount Program 3 Days which offer super cheap prices of basic necessities.
Well, today is the last day of this promotion lasts. So, do not miss this opportunity, especially if you do happen to live in the area Dadap.

Grand Dadap City Mall is part of the construction of only one superblock area in Dadap comprising Mall, Business Unit Apartment 6 tower, and exclusive hotel developed by Provident Development.

Spending Rp 30 thousand, Consumer Alfamart Can Fly to Amsterdam

To be able to win a sweepstakes package trip to Amsterdam, consumers can follow promo Alfamart Early Years Alfamart 2017 period.

Then how is the mechanism ?. Marketing Coordinator Alfamart Branch Pontianak, Andri Darmawan, try to explain it.

"Every shop at least Rp 30 thousand, the consumer will get one stamp. And additional stamp to purchase a certain quantity of product sponsors" said Andri Darmawan, Wednesday (02/01/2017).

Jumalah shopping, he said, applies multiples. So that consumers who shop multiple of Rp 30 thousand, stampel entitled thereto according to the number multiples of the minimum price.

Consumers who have collected at least 10 to 15 stamp, then can buy Royal VKB Cookware products are included in this promo. Obviously with a much cheaper price. "The product was nothing like pot, fryvan, and other cookware," he explained.

Consumers simply collect 10 or 15 stamp with the incremental cost ranging from Rp 69,900 to Rp 139 900, for the purchase of a product unit of Royal VKB Cookware her. Depending on the type and size.

The sweepstakes travel packages to Amsterdam, The Netherlands so the main grandprize in this promo. After a sufficient number of consumer and shopping minimal stampel Royal VKB Cookware products at a special price, the stamp card and filled with consumer identification holder.

Stamp card is what will be drawn nationally for later obtained a lucky consumer grandprize win a package trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands. "His grandprize provided for the two winners were drawn for all consumers Alfamart across Indonesia participating in this program," he added.

Stamp collection and a raffle coupon itself, he said, took place in the span of about five months. "Starting from January 16, 2017, until May 21, 2017. After that will be raffled at the headquarters Alfamart, in Tangerang

Ready to Facilitate Indomaret Pemkab presence in Gunung Mas

Investors in trading willing to invest by building promo Indomaret outlets in Gunung Mas (Gumas). Of the proposals received, the investor plans to build three outlets Indomaret, namely one in District Tewah and two outlets in the District Period.

Chief District Disperindag Gumas Julian Umar through Kasi Infrastructures and Logistics Distribution Dedie ST said the plan, the positive response by the Department of Trade and Industry (Industry and Trade) Gumas District. Indomaret party has also filed a petition outlet development and apply for permission in principle to Regency (Regency) through Disperindag on August 4, 2016 last.

"Basically, we (regency Gumas, Red) respond and agree that desire. This is evidenced, has conducted a joint meeting between the local government with the Indomaret Gumas, who discussed the mechanisms in establishing Indomaret, in December 2016 last month, "said Dedie when dibincangi Radar Sampit, in his office, Wednesday (1/2) afternoon.

With regard to the construction of the Indomaret outlets, he said, it was already coordination and consultation with the Government Disperindag City (City) Ralangka Kingdom, on January 23, 2017 last. In the consultation, we want to know the mechanism and the construction site Indomaret outlets, so it does not harm other small traders.

"We (Disperindag, Red) is ready to facilitate, if there are investors in the field of trade to Kabupaten Gumas," said the man who has a hobby sport futsal.

According to him, the presence of Indomaret, there are some positives obtained. One of them, will have an impact on the progress of Gumas District. But it is expected, his presence did not turn off the efforts of small traders.

"Obviously, the presence in the District Indomaret Gumas will positively impact the advancement in the District bermotto Earth Tatau Habangkalan Penyang Karuhei this," he said.

Although it has received a positive response from the regency Gumas, he added, any of the parties have not shown seriousness Indomaret related to the plan.

"We are still questioning the seriousness of the Indomart to build stores here. If it intends to build a booth here, we are ready to facilitate