Kamis, 02 Februari 2017

Spending Rp 30 thousand, Consumer Alfamart Can Fly to Amsterdam

To be able to win a sweepstakes package trip to Amsterdam, consumers can follow promo Alfamart Early Years Alfamart 2017 period.

Then how is the mechanism ?. Marketing Coordinator Alfamart Branch Pontianak, Andri Darmawan, try to explain it.

"Every shop at least Rp 30 thousand, the consumer will get one stamp. And additional stamp to purchase a certain quantity of product sponsors" said Andri Darmawan, Wednesday (02/01/2017).

Jumalah shopping, he said, applies multiples. So that consumers who shop multiple of Rp 30 thousand, stampel entitled thereto according to the number multiples of the minimum price.

Consumers who have collected at least 10 to 15 stamp, then can buy Royal VKB Cookware products are included in this promo. Obviously with a much cheaper price. "The product was nothing like pot, fryvan, and other cookware," he explained.

Consumers simply collect 10 or 15 stamp with the incremental cost ranging from Rp 69,900 to Rp 139 900, for the purchase of a product unit of Royal VKB Cookware her. Depending on the type and size.

The sweepstakes travel packages to Amsterdam, The Netherlands so the main grandprize in this promo. After a sufficient number of consumer and shopping minimal stampel Royal VKB Cookware products at a special price, the stamp card and filled with consumer identification holder.

Stamp card is what will be drawn nationally for later obtained a lucky consumer grandprize win a package trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands. "His grandprize provided for the two winners were drawn for all consumers Alfamart across Indonesia participating in this program," he added.

Stamp collection and a raffle coupon itself, he said, took place in the span of about five months. "Starting from January 16, 2017, until May 21, 2017. After that will be raffled at the headquarters Alfamart, in Tangerang

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